Why does norco make me itch

i can't look at drug/alcohol related websites at work, but i wanted to know the answer to this question. can anyone help me out?

Why does Vicodin make my skin itch so badly? Does that mean I'm allergic to it? Is it still ok to Why does norco make me itch take it? It is NOT an allergic reaction, it is exactly as .

Hello. I am a 30 year old male. I have been taking Norco 10/325 for the past couple years. I take it because of a back injury from a car accident. I take it about .

Best Answer: Itching is a common and unpleasant side effect of most narcotic pain medications. You could try another type of narcotic pain medication, but be aware .

Hydrocodone Itching. Lifestyle, fitness & health information about Hydrocodone Itching. Side Effects of Norco Medicine, Hydrocodone Side Effects, Side Effects of .

Your itching is a very common systematic side effect of the opiods forcing your body to release histamines, for most it goes away after time and becomes mild, If it .

As many of you already know I quit using Oxycontin Friday March 9th. Life has become much different during these past few weeks. I find myself sad and depressed . Why does norco make me itch

Taking adderall and all of a sudden have developed severe skin itching..?

Most pain medication make me itch to some degree. I get hives from percocet, but others just make my skin itch.

i have been taking vicodine 7.7/ 750mg and it just wasnt working so today they gave me norco.. is it stronger that what i was taking? does anyone have any good .

Norco discussions on DrugTalk.com . started on the 12.5 Fentanyl patch, but still

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